If you own a property that has electrical wiring between 25-30 years old, you may be in danger. The effects of poor or worn out wiring could be potentially devastating. Even if the property you own is being renovated, it is essential that you know if any rewiring work is necessary in order to alleviate any possible risks or hazards from faulty wires.

Faulty wires and appliances can also lead to injuries such as electrocution and potential fire hazards, which emphasises the importance of properly tending to and rewiring a property correctly. There are a number of noticeable factors when a property is in need of rewiring. As mentioned before, a property that is 30 years old and has its original wiring will most likely need to be rewired, not just for safety reasons, but also in order to meet modern standards.

If you are interested in purchasing an older property, a thorough check should be completed by a qualified electrician before buying it to make sure the wiring is safe. The recommendation for an inspection is every 10 years for a property owned by you and every five years for a rented property. If you are extending part of your house or converting it, all new and updated wiring will need to comply with the latest building regulations to ensure safety and security.

As well as improving safety in a household, rewiring also creates the chance to improve your quality of life. For example, a larger number of switches and plug sockets can be installed with a rewire, which means that the number of appliances in a household can increase, including televisions, lamps and PC’s. It also means an ease of access having plug sockets closer to where you need them.

There are several warning signs if you are unsure whether or not your property needs rewiring. Circuit breakers that trip regularly are a major sign as they can lead to an overload in current, meaning that appliances will receive too much energy from the plug. In addition, flickering or dimming lights indicate a fault in the wiring including damaged or exposed wires.

J&C Contractors (UK) Ltd provides full and part rewiring services by qualified, experienced electricians at competitive prices. As NAPIT Approved Contractors, you can be rest assured that all work will be carried out to your property with minimal disruption and in accordance with all relevant regulations and safety standards by professional engineers. We cover Essex, London and the surrounding areas.

For further information regarding our rewiring services and to discuss your requirements with us, please contact us for free advice, a free home inspection and quotation on 01702 600350 or 07889 004 903. Alternatively, you can contact us by way of email to: or by using our contact form on our contact page.

Our rewiring services include:

  • Fully assessing the work required and provide you with a full quotation before we start
  • Check the existing connection to make sure it meets the correct legal requirements
  • Carry out the rewire, ensuring that we perform a full electrical safety test on all wiring
  • Test that the circuit and fuse board are functioning as they should
  • Replace the Consumer Unit with a modern model that meets current regulations
  • Check all sockets and power outputs to ensure they conform to current building regulations
  • Provide a copy of a rewiring certificate for electrical installation, detailing all the work completed


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